Trump steps up China trade war with fresh tariffs


where is the tax on three hundred billion dollars worth of goods products being sold it to our country had enough because they have to pay it because what they do the value that currency money out of people haven’t paid as you know where is ur charging them twenty five percent on two hundred fifty billion dollars so what i gettin many bagels did fitbit absolutely no inflation that frankly has been course i consume taking his china what is that produce a lot of companies are moving out of china so they can you know avoid the judges this is the worst year in twenty seven years according to yesterday’s wall street journal.


i don’t want that but when my people came home they said where talkin we have another meeting in early september i said that’s fine what are the time until six time is the city of jackson then another one that i have to say you have to say this what john is doing is there to evaluate are there pumping money flight back better than before paying for the starts with yo are think president she was somebody i like a lot i think he wants to make a deal but please not going fast enough i was gonna be buying from our farmers do that he was gonna stop venting all from coming into our country is coming out of china even do that when losing thousands of people the fact how many years shes been taking money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year we rebuilt so now it’s time that we changed to figure out of i don’t want to trade with us anymore.


that would be fine with me whichever lot of money and you know i think they want to try and make it there with us but i’m not sure because the word is i feel they wanna way order praying praying that would like to see a new president so they continue to rip off the united snakes what been doing for the last twenty five years they would love to see a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no clue what he’s doing sleepy joe sergio sign right there also update of dollars a year to chinatown stop at the understand that presidential is good maddie is a friend of mine he understands it until such time there is a deal we will be taxing the hell out of china they told me if i don’t want to play a simple solution make your products in america.


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