Trump Renews attacks on Elijah Cummings and Baltimore as others rebuke his — comments


president trump started his day today with new attacks on democratic congressman coming and his home district and baltimore so far republicans have been mostly silent but the response from many others include the baltimore sun has been scanned that is nicole kelly president trump defended his twitter rant against maryland congressman coming sunday.



there is nothing racist against eight play only what most people already know that elijah cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and baltimore and sell the president double down after calling the city a disgusting rat infested mets and no human being would wanna live there is being perceived as racist do you understand why i understand why but that doesn’t mean that it’s racist president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong men’s acting chief of staff to the president called coming over proceed conditions at my detention centers along the southern border following his dressing down of the acting head of homeland security me caution now take a shower and baltimore the local newspapers slam the president editorial with the headline better to have a few rats then to be one of the papers in bedroom told CBS news at some point you just have to address this stupidity of it city officials also to gain just unfortunate that the president of the united states who is supposed to be the leader of the free world can stoop to such a low comparing with the president of the recent attacks on barr democratic congress women of color all over america go back to their own countries are present have hated and a some republicans had trouble defending the president is at presidential leadership i’ve got i didn’t sign in to the traits which i can talk about why did we did you call there is also breaking news at the white house tonight so i am just a short time ago president trump tweeted that he is in dominating texas congressman a john are at cliff for the position of director of national intelligence he would potentially succeed dan code to the president says i will be leaving august fifteenth people think service back to you right nicole kelly at the white house to cool thank you


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