tab then confirm the rumors says pelosi knows about it just a short time ago haha speaker nancy pelosi attack president donald trump’s travel ban on people coming to america from china info she even encourage.

people to visit chinatown not too long ago and last week she drank one americans need relief and it took nearly a week for the democratic controlled house to pass this package because she also tried slipping in central left wing goodies in the bill many likely saw several democrats pack the house floors together and gave him endless speeches before they actually passed the relief package one of those liberals was democratic representative to velazquez n she revealed that she has a virus infection days after being in close contact with polo see the democratic make sure to twitter on tuesday and released the statement admitting that she likely has the novel corona virus saying that she experienced very similar symptoms in the wee hours of sunday morning i develop be a instead of muscle aches fever is nasal congestion and stomach upset i noticed that i could no longer smell my perfume or taste my food after speaking with the attending physician by phone i was diagnosed with free zoom corona virus infection set velazquez in a statement my symptoms are mild at the present time and i am taking tylenol for fever and isolating myself at my home she continued healthy advice the attending physician neither cohen nineteen laboratory testing and a doctor’s office visit was recommended i am carefully monitoring my symptoms working remotely and in constant contact with my staff no the corona virus disease spreads very easily and with clothes human contact so if is in fact infected there’s a decent chance that you may have spread of various democrat members of the house also could include pelosi what’s troubling is defective years old which put her in the highest risk category that this comes days after house minority leader kevin mccarthy hello c for misleading the american people and spreading what he called outright lies during his weekly press conference that california republican.

when after pelosi ever comment she made about changes made to that billion dollar corona virus the last package that passed the setting on wednesday a few minutes ago the speakers student this podium and cleaned the house democrats did what she called to change the bill that is an outright lie mccarthy said the fundamental portions of this bill have not changed since sunday look at the continued four months for unemployment was already decided on sunday the grand to keep inploi please higher than small business was already decided on sunday the only few additions were the founding of things that had nothing to do with the corona virus he added mccarthy slam democrats for delays in getting the major completed


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