Donald Trump blasts black congressman as – racist amid accusations

US President Donald Trump. PHOTO via @AFP

what stations he’s racist president insists he’s been willful ignorance understood critics believe his tweet speak for themselves long standing.


critic democrat elijah cummings concerns about conditions for child migrants in the us border the president hit back saying baltimore represented by cummings with brad and road infested many so this attack on the majority blacks racist including civil right activists reference sharp president trump.

than attacked him calling him a man who hates white body standards the president pointed out today baltimore a third world country and 2015 baltimore population is sixty percent black parts of it are thriving and incomes are about average though it has a very high crime rate but this is the about more than just one city volume of the president that with rights against i profile know why american public figures suggest that isn’t a side show it’s still apply by the president to wrap his base is posting that democrats to defend the african american community so distracting them from the product bought a issues that could make the difference and a handful of states next year cross open arms a big figure in the republican party is representing the people of baltimore at state level at this to say when was president come on down the streets the ready for you with the neighborhoods ready for you fox wanna talk to u suggest show up but the tweet down brother and show up that’s all you have to do it’s not complicated today in a park wearing a charges of racism president set the road to election night next year was going to be a long one that’s one thing everyone here connect me with him on a construction news at ten washington.


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