Al Sharpton: Donald Trump -‘has a particular venom for blacks and people of colour’

The Washington post

Did i know that mr trump was going to on the eve of this attack the congress woman from the CD and not only the congress but the people of this city and the most bigger than racist way he says everybody i know donald trump he’s not mature enough to take criticism healthy like geo somebody say sorry reactive than scared and not ready but you’re dead well but you has a pool take you love and am for black people prefer show me all beers are the opponents of credit as infested.

does not a drug district nancy pelosi text joshua cancel the white wood what’s the districts the states are places that no human being wants to live what do you like comedies district is the most well educated.


middle class aspiring district of blacks in this country help me but no one is talking about how many is respected will regarded member of congress and for him to be angry at me because mr robin has the moral standing to question my grandchildren being treated at the border who is an abomination to make swami be calm and ready but i can manage it being terminating me twice cats


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