5 special things of the US President Donald Trump’s speech


Donald Trump are the forty fifth President of America. According to US networks, in a ‘major reshuffle’ in the US presidential election Tuesday, the Republican Trump surprisingly outpaced Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, and her victories were won in key states like Sunshine State, North geographical area and Ohio. There was a huge contribution of victory.


1. We will rebuild the nation and give a new dimension to America’s dream.


2. While addressing the people, Donald Trump said, “I take a pledge in front of everyone that I will be President for every American.”


3. According to Trump, I want to tell the whole world that we will keep the interests of America at the forefront but we will also take care of the interests of other countries and all the people.


4. Trump said, we will make good relations with all countries.


5. Trump also said that I will go to those who have not supported me in the past to guide them.


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